STAR Somg Test Only in Lancaster Ca


 What is the STAR Smog Check Program?

The STAR Program was created by California to “weed out” low performing smog check stations in Lancaster Ca. Smog stations now receive a report card and are scored relative to other smog check stations in California. High performing stations (accurate smog testing) are STAR certified and allowed to inspect STAR directed vehicles. Low performing stations will not be able to certify STAR directed vehicles.


Types of stations in Lancaster with the Star Smog Check Program?

When the STAR Program begins on January 1, 2013, Smog Check stations planning to test vehicles can be licensed as either a Test-Only station or a Test-and-Repair station.  Gold Shield stations will cease to exist.  Both Test-Only and Test-and-Repair stations may apply for STAR certification.  As a result, there will be four possible station types:

  • Test-Only  – can only test vehicles, but cannot test directed vehicles or gross-polluting vehicles;
  • Test-and-Repair – can test and repair vehicles, but cannot test directed vehicles or gross-polluting vehicles;
  • STAR Test-Only – can only test vehicles, including directed vehicles and gross-polluting vehicles;
  • STAR Test-and-Repair – can test and repair vehicles, including directed vehicles and gross-polluting vehicles; also must provide repair assistance services under BAR’s Consumer Assistance Program.
In addition, BAR is preparing a regulation package to create a new Repair-Only station
license for the Smog Check Program. However, since these stations will be licensed only to perform repairs, and no Smog Check inspections, they will not be eligible for the STAR